Board of directors and Management

Board of Directors

Genève Aéroport is an Independent Public Establishment with a Management board (01.06.2014-31.05.2018) of:

President since the 01.01.2015:

First Vice-President

Second Vice-President


Jean-Marc DEVAUD
Bertrand FAVRE
Fabienne FISCHER

Olivier HOHL
Patrick LUSSI

Nicolas VUILLE
Sully-Paul VUILLE

General Manager



General Manager

Evaluates, sets, plans, supervises and monitors the operation and development of Genève Aéroport and of the airport platform under the joint Federal and Cantonal supervision and according to the national and international standards in force.

Head of finance, commerce & development (CFO & CCO)

Pierre Germain

Pierre Germain

In charge of divisions:

  • Finances & administration
  • Marketing & Business development

In charge of services:

  • Commercial and aeronautical concessions 
  • Controlling

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Xavier Wohlschlag

Xavier Wohlschlag

In charge of divisions:

  • Airport steering
  • Operations 
  • Security
  • Safety

Chief Techincal Officer (CTO)

Nicolas Gaspoz

Nicolas Gaspoz

In charge of division:

  • Information and communications technologies

In charge of services:

  • Civil engineering
  • Buildings
  • Maintenance services
  • Machinery
  • Buildings installations
  • Electricity

Human Resources

Olivier Delétraz

Olivier Delétraz

  • To develop an image as an attractive employer (internal and external), keeping within budget guidelines. 
  • To optimise human commitment and development.
  • To promote a staff/customer “service” culture.
  • To maintain consistent and effective internal and external communications.

Environment & Legal Affairs

Marc Mounier


  • To ensure environmentally-friendly operation of the airport.
  • To assess the environmental impact of airport activity and infrastructure adaptation projects in terms of legal requirements and environmental policy. 
  • To prepare and implement an environmental program as part of Genève Aéroport's environmental management system. 
  • To advise general management and the various airport services on any legal issues.
  • To draw up the regulations applicable to Genève Aéroport, the various partners of the airport site, and users.
  • To deal with disputes involving the airport, internally, in relation with the airport site’s partners, and with third parties.

Finance, Administration & Property Management


  • To provide administrative and accounting functions enabling a guarantee of the financial health for the establishment.
  • To present a statement of accounts.
  • To welcome and to issue laissez-passers for visitors, and new staff of Genève Aéroport and of all the agencies of the airport site.
  • To manage the optimisation of real-estate rentals.

Marketing & Business development

Yves-Daniel Viredaz

Yves-Daniel Viredaz

  • Develop air network in qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • Increase and disseminate tourist offer departing from Geneva.
  • Promote a GVA reflex with the residents of the catchment area.
  • Maintain and strengthen the freight platform.
  • Promote and disseminate the products/services through traditional and digital marketing channels.
  • Strengthen the “corporate” image of Genève Aéroport.

Airport Steering

Thomas Romig

  • To maintain the performance, punctuality and smooth flow of airport operations and the quality of services to customers of Genève Aéroport.
  • To ensure continuing airport authority, including by ensuring the availability of a standby service.
  • To coordinate and plan operational activities between the services of Genève Aéroport and partners so as to ensure optimised flows and operational safety.
  • To manage, organise and coordinate emergency situations.
  • To present an image of airport activities that are up-to-date and appropriate to the operating situation.
  • To monitor airport activities in order to improve the service to customers, especially punctuality.
  • To keep partners and passengers informed.



  • Ensure a high standard of service and help constantly to improve processes and infrastructure in order to meet the demands and needs of passengers, airlines and other partners, thus enhancing Genève Aéroport’s image among users.
  • Inform passengers.
  • Operate and manage Genève Aéroport parking lots.
  • Ensure smooth passenger flows throughout the terminal building.
  • Ensure smooth baggage flows.
  • Greet and assist diplomatic and other dignitaries.
  • Transport passengers and crews by bus in optimum conditions.
  • Provide physical and psychological first aid (paramedical assistance).
  • Offer child-care services for children up to the age of 5.
  • Ensure safe ground handling and proper marshalling of aircraft.
  • Safely guide aircraft using follow-me vehicles.
  • Ensure that the runway is useable and that movement areas (tarmac and runway) are obstruction-free.
  • Organize, manage and participate in snow-removal operations on movement areas.
  • Prevent wildlife hazards.
  • Train staff members of Genève Aéroport and its partners driving in movement areas.

Safety (SSA)


  • Guarantee the deployment of rescue and fire equipment in accordance with ICAO standards, in order to ensure the safety of passengers, crew members and airport infrastructure.
  • Participate as a standing member in the cantonal disaster plan (OSIRIS) and manage the command post for action in the event of an accident related to air traffic near the airport.
  • Prevent and protect from fires. 
  • Provide psychological first aid to passengers and staff members (paramedical assistance).
  • Ensure the deployment of ambulances on the airport site and throughout the territory of the canton via the emergency exchange Urgence Santé 144, in cooperation with the cantonal medical squad. 
  • Guarantee that alarms are received and transmitted on the airport site round the clock for the Security Division and Genève Aéroport. 
  • Take part in snow-removal operations on ramps and movement areas.



  • To ensure the introduction of and compliance with safety measures that meet national and international standards, so as to prevent any illicit act directed against civil aviation.
  • To ensure that the site perimeter and the terminal security area cannot be breached. 
  • To provide security control of passengers, their hand and hold baggage, of staff working on the airport, and of all goods delivered to shops located in the regulated zone.
  • To escort VIPs and suppliers on the airport site.
  • To provide logistics support for the safety and security divisions during special events or incidents.

Information and Communications Technologies

Massimo Gentile

Massimo Gentile

  • To implement, maintain and develop Genève Aéroport’s IT infrastructure and telecommunications systems.
  • To improve and simplify airport processes by the application of appropriate information and communications technologies.
  • To propose information systems appropriate to the needs of Genève Aéroport and its customers, and to provide their support and development.
  • To provide users with a suitable computerised working environment and ensure its proper functioning and use.

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