Terminal map

Terminal de Genève Aéroport (T1)

Plan du Terminal 1
Plan du Terminal 1

French sector

One special feature of Genève Aéroport is that it has a French sector that allows its users to:

  • check their bags and take an internal flight to a French airport without having to pass through Swiss territory;
  • For some airlines flying  to destinations other than France, check in and go to the international transit area.
  • make your way easily to the nearby areas of France (Pays de Gex, Divonne-les-Bains, Bellegarde, French Jura Mountains, the departments of Ain, Jura, etc.).
  • rent a car from a French agency.

Access to the French Sector: arriving passengers

From an international flight (except France)
- On leaving the plane, follow the usual passenger route.
- Collect baggage from the baggage carousel.
- Go through Swiss customs. Go up to the Check-in level.
- On the Check-in level, follow the "destination France" signs.

Coming from a French flight
Disembarkation directly in the French sector (same basis as a domestic flight).
Exit can be in France or in Switzerland: - Follow the signs on leaving the plane.

Please note that bags are first delivered on the baggage conveyor in the French sector. If they are not collected there, they are automatically routed to the main baggage carousel!

Access to the French Sector: departing passengers

From Switzerland
Access to the French sector on the Check-in level.
Follow the "destination France" signs.

From France
Access to the French sector is via the Ferney-Voltaire customs road.
Follow the "Aéroport secteur France" signs just near the Swiss customs post. Various routes depending on your starting point and access map (pdf). GPS address to get to the French sector: "Ferney-Voltaire, route douanière".

Terminal 2

Genève Aéroport’s Terminal 2 is used only for some flights during the winter season. At all other times it is closed and handles no flights.

Genève Aéroport’s Terminal 2 can be reached via TPG bus (routes 10, 23 and 28) – get out at "Tour de contrôle". It can also be reached on foot. If you’re at the CFF train station or the main terminal, go to the Arrivals level and follow the signs for "locations de voitures" (car rental). At the exit, follow the pedestrian walkway 200 m to reach Terminal 2, which is across from P51 parking lot.


Terminal Opening Hours

For security reasons, Terminal 1 is closed in the morning from 00:00 to 04:00.

The access road to the French sector (customs road) is closed 1 hour after the last flight (around 00:30) until 04:00.

No-one is allowed to remain inside the terminal when it is closed.



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