East Wing

The East Wing for long-haul flights, your airport’s next achievement

Discover as of now the future extension devoted to inter-continental flights, with a highly energy-efficient building. Genève Aéroport is pleased to reveal to you the first lines of this fascinating story.

Maquette Aile Est Genève Aéroport

Key Points about the new East Wing


  • Replaces the airport’s current wing for large aircraft, which was constructed on a temporary basis in the mid-1970s by a high-performance energy building
  • Allows the upgrade of facilities
  • Enhances the safety of aviation operations
  • Aims to maintain and strengthen long-haul services to meet the region’s economic, tourism and diplomatic needs
  • Enabling Geneva to be better connected to the growth centres of the World


  • 6 contact positions for large aircraft (compared with currently 3 contact positions and 3 non-contact remote positions)
  • Dimensions: 520 metres (length), 20 metres (width), 19 metres (height)
  • Cuboid – angled facades
  • Metal exo-structure – glass facades
  • Passenger flows above the apron
  • Service road at apron height
  • Customs road and technical facilities in the basement
  • Photovoltaic roof

A highly efficient structure

The East Wing concept is based on a positive-energy building, which will improve the energy balance of the airport. This objective is based on several advanced technologies:

  • Electricity produced by 5,000 m2 of solar panels
  • More than 100 geothermal probes for heat pumps
  • Glazed facades for natural light$
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Equipment of the best energy class
  • Rainwater recovery facilities
  • Optimal thermal insulation through triple glazing
  • Ending bus trips on the apron
  • Electric power and direct heat/cooling at 3 additional positions (instead of external diesel power)

East Wing releases

  • DETEC authorises the construction of Genève Aéroport’s East Wing

    The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications approved the plans for the construction of Genève Aéroport’s East Wing. The building will replace the existing facilities built as a temporary measure in the second half of the 1970s.
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